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Tip The Balance Is The Best Metal Album 2015

Deutscher Rockpreis - bestes Metal Album 2015 Tip The Balance has been awarded as the best metal album in 2015. We are excited – yeah! We put our heart into this album, gave our best and finally we got an award for our effort…

Did we mention that we are excited?
Yes we are!

Thank You for the German Rock Prize for the best metal album 2015!

Epilogue Music Video

It has been a long time since our last blog post – but we are more active than ever! Enjoy our new music video performed by the “Good” ones…

Members of Tip The Balance Got Awards

RockPreisWe are very proud to have members aboard that got awarded with the German Rock & Pop Award – let us introduce to you the best femal metal singer in Germany in 2014: Becky Gaber!
In addition to that Heiko won the award for the best instrumental band and best drummer with his project “Drums on Mars” – congratulations also to Markus who played the bass guitar in this project!

It is done…

It is done – the album is beeing produced in the CD manufactury right now and all we can do is waiting for the postman 😉
Go an order your copy of the “Tip The Balance” album and have a listen to the digital album meanwhile to shorten your waiting time for the real deal!

Doing all the release work

Enhance the website, negotiate with CD production companies, create media for marketing purpose, get in contact with the fans…

Make the world know that there is comming something…

To shorten the wating time, enjoy another part of our gang recordings!

Mixing is done – Mastering is next!

Mixing is done – next step: Mastering! To celebrate this milestone have some fun with this video of our gang recording session 😉

Stay tuned and watch out for the very special X-Mas present – we are almost ready for the CD production!

Still Working Hard…

… on the final recordings.

Our project makes progress from day to day – the first songs are completely finished (recording wise) and there are some songs mixed already. We are so excited to show you the first results soon. This album is going to be a killer one! Meanwhile take a look at Torsten while he is recording some “sentimental” vocal parts 😉

Evil Guitar Recordings (incl. Sneak Peek on Beckys Vocals)

The recordings are making progress – this is Uwe laying down some guitar tracks for the “Evil” side. Be sure to watch the video to the end to hear a little preview on Beckys vocals – nothing has been mixed yet – you hear the raw power of Uwes guitar playing and Beckys evil vocals!

Lyrics are done…


… at least for a couple of songs on the good side. Torsten entered the vocal booth to lay down his vocal parts and he is making awesome progress. We have heard the first takes in context with the music and that gets us really excited. We are absolutely looking forward showing you the first examples of our work soon.

Becky Gaber completes the “Evil Power Trio”

We are happy to announce the completion of the “Evil” team. Becky Gaber (Exotoxis) teams up with Bastian and Kalle Chorus to build the counter part to Heikos team of “Good”. Becky contributes melodie vocals, shouts and earthshaking growls to the rough part of Tip The Balance. Stay tuned for first sound examples and visit our “About” page to get more details about her.