In 2013 Heiko Mürkens (tonhöhle.de), member of the award winning Janus Experiment and Bastian Knochel (logischdenker Records) joint forces to compose and produce a concept album about the conflict between "Good and Evil". Two musical teams have been formed around Heiko (representing "Good" with his orchestral Powermetal) and Bastian (representing "Evil" with some kind of Thrashmetal). 

Line Up

Becky Gaber (Singer of Evil)

Becky (ex My Inner Burning) is the lead singer of Exotoxis (melodic metal), Psychophobia (blackish death metal), Collision Zero (rock/metal) and Cows & Fandango (acoustic country rock). With more than 10 years of experience on stage and in the studio, she now makes a living from being a studio singer, live musician and songwriter in various genres... but her heart belongs to metal.

Torsten Borrman (Singer of Good)

The Singer/Songwriter Torsten Borrmann, the lead singer of the former alternativ rock band "Organic" from Aachen (Germany) and one of the founders of the acoustic – indie band "Solo" – active in the Aachen / Cologne area.

Torsten gained his first experience in the world of melodic heavy metal as "Michelangelo" in the same named heavy metal musical project. Within more than 15 years of his active life as musician Torsten participated in many productions.

Markus Bothe (Bass)

Markus plays the bass guitar on both sides of this project - he lays down the foundation (together with the drums) and builds a connection between "Good" and "Evil".

Since the days of his youth, playing in a band, he had already accumulated experiences in playing rock, pop, funk, metal and he enlarged his skills studying e-guitar in Maastricht.

2012 he won the 30th "German Rock- and Pop Competition” in the category “Best Metalalbum 2012” (with the album “Michelangelo” of the “Janus Experiment”).
Currently Markus plays the bass for the Indie-Acustic-Pop Band “Solo”.

Heiko Mürkens (Production, Keyboards, Father of Good)

Having received a classical piano education Heiko was very early interested in all kinds of keyboard instruments, but the nearly unlimited potentiality of synthesizers and computers awoke his curiosity.

Generally speaking he is a “musical chameleon”, but his passion is Progressive- and Powermetal. This mix of classic and modern music paired with the power of Heavy Metal allows his pen to produce Heavy Metal outbursts as well as epic-poetical symphonic orchestral arrangements.

In his musical career he was involved in many national and international artistic and commercial projects and is very much engaged as a “live” and “studio” musician.

Robert Moosdorf (Guitar, Son of Good)

Robert (The Janus Experiment) wields the holy guitar of steel against the forces of evil. He is a self taught guitar player with a passion for all kinds of metal.

Bastian Knochel (Production, Keyboards, Father of Evil)

Bastian is a passionate Heavy Metal fan. Besides listening to and playing Metal music, he produces underground Metal bands in his own recording studio "logischdenker Records". Ever since beeing active in the Metal scene he wanted to contribute to it with his own music and his style of sound (e.g. when producing other bands).
Keyboards are not the most important instrument to play in a Metal band, so he decided to learn playing guitar and bass guitar - just to be able to compose some ideas that can be adapted by far more experienced guitar an bass players.

Bastian is known as a "shy guy", a nice person that could not do any harm to nobody but with "Tip The Balance" he is going to show his "evil side" to the listener.

Kalle Chorus (Guitar, Son of Evil)

Kalle Chorus (ex. Götterschock) is a well known member of the Palatinarian "Deutschrock" scene in Germany. Normally he writes and performs songs that do not deal with such abstract subjects as in "Tip The Balance" - so it was a real challange for him to contribute to this project. As a "Son of Evil" he shreds the guitar more evil than the "Father of Evil" ever could imagine.

Tibor Wahl (Lyrics)

Tibor is the one providing lyrics to the "Tip The Balance" project. As someone who has always been interested in creative writing and, of course, heavy metal, writing the lyrics for a complete concept album was a huge but fun task to do. Besides writing, he enjoys nature, playing the guitar and having a "Kühles Blondes" (a German way to describe beer) at his side!

Guests and Helping Hands

Ilja Prinz (TTB concept, additional songwriting and guitar solo on "Pain - my seed"), Florian Haack (guitar solo on "Wardrums"), Jens Offergeld (logo design, booklet, all the awesome graphics on the website), Susan Knochel (filming, documentation, good soul within "Evil")

Thank you for you contribution!