Next Step: Keyboard Recordings

Let us introduce Heiko to you: Composer of the “Good” – keyboard player and a true Heavy Metal Maniac 😉

Guitar Recordings in Progress

Recordings are in progress, the whole team is working hard laying down their tracks and bringing the music to live. Watch Robert playing some of his parts – have fun and stay tuned – there will be more updates in the near future…

Fall 2014 – Tip The Balance

It is time to get you involved in a musical project about the everlasting war of inner fears and hopes – the fight between “Good” and “Evil”. A concept album has been composed, combining orchestral power metal with dark guitars and evil vocals. The album “Tip The Balance” will lead you through all kinds of emotions, wether they are dark, melancholic or filled with joy and hope.

The songwriting phase has been finished and we started recording the album – we are going to release the album this year!

Awesome musicians joint forces to bring this production on the road (check the “About” link to get information about the members). Two teams led by Heiko Mürkens (Janus Experiment) and Bastian Knochel (logischdenker Records) work together to deliver a high quality production with high quality song arrangements.

We will not reinvent the wheel – but it is not every days bussiness to put melodic power metal onto the same album as thrash metal with dark voices and screams. It will be epic! Follow “Tip The Balance” on Facebook and on this website.

Stay tuned for upcoming news, behind the scene videos and sound samples…